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I found this site almost a year ago and I guess I don't remember...Anyway I got into sewing by accident in early 2009 while searching for a hobby for my daughter who resided with us for a short time. We have two grown kids with special needs and at this time our son is living with us. Since 2009 I have built up a sewing studio with 4 different sewing/serger machines, patterns, fabric and notions, etc. I have another room just for my king quilting frame with my Juki sitting on it ready to go to work. Lots of upholstery fabric and a table with an embroidery machine accross the room. So I love sewing, free motion quilting and embroidering! That's not all I do though. When I'm not designing, I enjoy getting out of town to our cabin in Duck Creek Utah where the air is refreshing & lite and the scenery is beautiful and peaceful.  I used to be an avid reader before I found sewing, now I'm looking for audio books to listen too while sewing. So if you know of anyone who is looking to exchange my hardback & paperback books for their audio books let me know. Love trying new healthy recipes and summer barbeques, Love my furry kitty Truffles, he's very intelligent for a cat! I enoy teaching others sewing and quilting skills that I feel confident about. Trying desperately to get my website off the ground, but not knowing much about html and stuff like that is hendering me. I'll be posting the URL within the next couple weeks. I'm a tom boyish girl, with that being said I can still hop on a dirt bike and get my blood flowing. Love going to Florida and the beach, fishing off the peir behind my mom's house. Music is a huge influence on me and some of my quilts reflect it.  Most importantly I enjoy my family when things aren't always in a snippet. Anyway I'm generaly an all american gal, who belives in God, the second amendment, freedom and golden rules... Oh and Glenn Beck lol.


Anyway you'll see me around, always up for a chat.

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September 23
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<p> The devil shudders with fear when he sees I&#39;m up and ready to tackle the day!</p>


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