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 I have always loved vintage items spending many hours in jumble sales when I was young moving onto charity shops as I started to get more pocket money. Although a lot of my collections have moved on I have always kept my linen, some of which came from my grandmother.

I have also enjoyed sewing and in the past made a lot of clothes and home furnishings. However as work commitments increased over the years collecting and sewing took a back seat.

Now I have the time and having been inspired by programmes such as Kirstie's Handmade Britain and magazines such as Making I looked at what I could do that was different. The first range for my shop was Linda's Linens, hand made cushions from vintage embroidered table linen. My love of fabric also extends to vintage and retro patterns which I have now used in my other collections.

I had forgotten how much pleasure sewing gave me and double so now as it gives me a good excuse to go out hunting for old table linen, retro fabrics and lovely trimmings!

<p> Derbyshire, United Kingdom</p>


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