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Most Popular Ways To Personalize With Custom Embroidery Digitization

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Most Popular Ways To Personalize With Custom Embroidery Digitization


Embroidery is an ages-old craft coming all the way from the ancient Greeks. Even today embroidery is popular in its original form, it is widely used by many cultures for their national costumes, especially in the Slavic culture. However, the progress and development of technology introduces a way to digitize embroidery and implement it in many designing features. What’s even better, with further expanding of our knowledge we are gaining access to the personalization of the digitized embroidery.

The digitizing of embroidery gives us the opportunity of creativity with embroidered products. We can then efficiently bring embroidery to life but also customize it to suit our costumer's wishes and give it the modern look that is wanted today.

Thus, we come to the most popular ways to personalize with custom embroidery digitization and the advantages they bring.

One of these is monogramming and while the simplest way of customization it is widely used by companies designing products like T-shirts, scarfs, and even bathroom towels. These designs mainly include the costumer’s initials and along their wishes, special attention is given to custom fonts.

Family Events
Family events like baby showers where the baby’s blanket is embroidered, a wedding gift for a newlywed couple or graduation are examples where embroidered products might be the perfect gift. These show that embroidery is not easily pushed aside.

Sports Teams
The most important type of customization yet is logos and names that are used for sports teams. Trademarks and copyright here are very often so one should be careful not to copy anyone’s work and to always use proper licensing.

Corporate Uniforms
The last but certainly not the least way of customization are corporate uniforms. Widely popular are the embroidered logos of corporation uniforms. In this field, an expertise is highly needed and a holistic understanding of custom embroidery digitization.