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Treatment with Hyal-System and Hyal ACP is generally well tolerated and can be performed immediately after the consultation - an allergy test or extensive preparation is usually unnecessary. How long does the first treatment take? A session at the doctor usually takes about 30 minutes. The body-identical hyaluronic acid is superficially injected into the areas to be treated. Due to the special molecular structure, both Hyal-System and Hyal ACP are flowable and evenly distributed. When used for the first time, a two-stage, two-to-three-week treatment is required to rebuild the skin's hyaluronic acid level. Little time, always under stress - hardly anyone who will be spared today. But those who are always running at full speed must expect health complaints in the long term. Because chronic stress not only leads to stomach ulcers, cardiovascular diseases, but also to allergies and skin problems "Skin and psyche are closely related", explains Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Amon, Medical Director of the PsoriSol Dermatology Clinic in Hersbruck near Nuremberg. US researchers have found that the skin is prone to inflammation and pimples when stressed. Because the nerve cells of the skin do not end, as one thought for a long time, in the lowest skin layer, but in higher regions. These nerve cells also play an important role in the development of atopic dermatitis. Excitement and anger weaken the antibacterial shield of the top layer of skin.