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done on all sentences!) Completed Circular Exercises: 1) 10 Wdh. Bench presses 2) 10 Wdh. Squats with weight 3) 6-8 Wdh. Pull-ups (alternative: pull-pull machine or Lat-pull) 4) 10 Wdh. Dips 5) 10 Wdh. 6) 10 Wdh. Overlays with Alpha Hard Reload short bangle 7) 10 Wound crunches on Alpha Hard Reload Roman chair 8) 10 Wdh. Transfer and press with Alpha Hard Reload barbell Alpha Hard Reload circuit training is an extremely strenuous and demanding training. You should never go beyond your own limits. In this type of training, this happens very quickly due to Alpha Hard Reload high number of exercises and repetitions combined with short breaks!