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How do you apply bias tape?

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I recently made some place mats for everyday use.  I took some simle quilted fabric and put bias tape around the edges.  How do you apply bias tape to square corners. I finally decided to make round corners instead because the squared ones looked so awful.  But how do you achieve the clean, crisp corners with this stuff?l

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Cornering bias tape (post #32861, reply #1 of 1)

I'm going to guess that you were using bias tape that has three folds: the side edges are folded in to the center and then the whole tape is folded in half. It should be simple enough to lap this folded strip over an edge and stitch it down, but the corner got in the way. I'll explain how to manage the corners as if you were using packaged bias tape that measures about 1/4 inch wide after it's folded. One side is slightly longer than the other side. The long side is placed on the bottom of your work. This way you can't fail to catch it in as you stitch the top edge. Start applying the binding in the middle of the bottom edge, with the tape wrapped around the edge, stitch catching both tape layers. When you're slightly more than  1-inch from the corner stop sewing with the needle downinto the fabric. Lift the presser foot but leave the work caught in the needle. Pivot your work so the raw edge of your placemat is in front of you. Flip the 1-inch section of tape at the corner out and away and then stretch the free tape out perpendicular from the corner and then fold it around the raw edge turning at the corner.  Fold the tape up past the edge and then use an awl or seam ripper to tuck the triangular corner inside the flap created by the 1-inch section. When everything is tucked neatly into a miter turn your work back to where you were stitching and proceed up to and around the corner. Remember to stop sewing and lower you needle into the fabric and pivot your work at the exact corner.