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Help with pattern

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Hello is anyone able to help with a dress I am making Butterick Pattern 5953 wrap dress.


I shall try to attach a picture to help but the basic problem is the Yoke and facing are fighting each other and it will not lay flat.


If anyone has made this dress successfully I would be grateful for help.

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Help With Pattern (post #37253, reply #1 of 3)

If this is the dress  then the designer may be of help.  Especially if you can provide a picture of your dilemma.

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Thanks Spice girl the link (post #37253, reply #2 of 3)

Thanks Spice girl the link you sent me appears to show that the yoke cause amy the same problem because she has the finished yoke slightly different to the pattern.  and I assume this is because she was trying to solve the same problem that I am experiencing.


Brilliant at least I feel better.



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Hi Spice girl I have taken (post #37253, reply #3 of 3)

Hi Spice girl

I have taken up your suggestion and contacted Gretchen via e-mail.  I maybe really obvious that you just trim away the excess but once trimmed as you no there is no going back.


I wish the pattern had show a picture of how the inside should look that may have helped.

Good idea though and I will post a picture once I have completed.