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Fall 2010 Issue-peasant blouse w/no pattern - diagonal cut

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Great magazine.  Detailed instructions w/measurements are given for the casings for the neckline and on the blouse front, however,  there is no guidance when it comes to cutting the upper corners of each pattern piece for fitting around the arms suggested in step 4 on page 75. 

How many inches should the diagonal cut begin from the neckline edges - 2, 3?  How many inches down the sides - 4, 5, 6?    Small detail, but important.  I'm surprised and disappointed it wasn't included and I read it several times.  Thanks!

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Are you referring to a (post #34881, reply #1 of 3)

Are you referring to a Threads magazine?  There is no "fall" issue.  There is a Aug/Sept issue and an Oct/Nov issue and neither has anything related to your question on page 75.

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Teach yourself to sew fall 2010 (post #34881, reply #2 of 3)

I am referring to a Threads magazine published by the editors of Threads called 'Teach Yourself to Sew'.  The magazine's website address [] brings me to the Threads site [albeit titled with TYTS name], but the login is the same and so is the interface and forum. 

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sorry have not seen this (post #34881, reply #3 of 3)

sorry have not seen this magazine.