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double stitching

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I am using a new Butterick pattern and it tells me in the instructions that I need to use double stitching.  Can someone explain to me how to get that accomplished on my new Husqvarna machine?  The instruction book and the machine are not compatible enough for me to understand which dial to dial and which lever to push.


Thanks for the help, Sandi

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I'm not sure exactly what the (post #34396, reply #1 of 1)

I'm not sure exactly what the pattern is referring to.  Sometimes you double stitch an underarm seam to make it stronger - just restitch with a straight stitch just inside (on the seam allowance) the original seam.  You can also double stitch with a double needle.  This is a special needle with two needles on one post that you insert into your machine like any other needle.  You thread your machine with two threads separating them at the needle.  And you sew with a straight stitch.  This is usually used for topstitching.  Does any of this help?