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Double Shawl Collar

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 Good day-

I'm trying to create this collar.... ... ge_id=1232

I took a regular shawl collar extended it, and  I pleated it to create the effect.  Now I'm stuck.  should a stitch on the fold to hold the pleat?

It doesn't look like this in the looks more do I get the "fold" to stay?



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Just a suggestion, but I (post #34126, reply #1 of 2)

Just a suggestion, but I would cut  seperate pieces and sew together  get the "pleat effect"


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How deep did you make the (post #34126, reply #2 of 2)

How deep did you make the pleat?  I would make it almost as deep as the outside collar to get the desired effect.  Or, as has been suggested, make 2 collars.