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Covering the Zipper in a Jacket

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So I just finished a fleece jacket from a pattern.  Liked how it turned out, except the zipper showed more than I would like.  Then thought about it and wondered how you make the cover for the zipper for jackets.

The pattern I used all I could think of was adding a strip of fabric over one side and using heavy interfacing even then I wasnt sure.  I know alot of the jackets you buy have them done so I figure its out there I just dont know how its done and I cant find anywhere that has a pattern.  I have been through ever jacket pattern I can find from the main lines that I can get at my local stores and none of them cover the zipper. 

Suggestions?  Ideas?  Wasnt even sure how to really add the fabric - most dresses and skirts use invisible zippers and its not the same - closest is a pair of jeans and the fly for that.



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You're on the right track (post #34291, reply #1 of 1)

You're on the right track with the jeans fly.  At this point, you need to cut a strip of fabric as long as the jacket and twice as wide as the finished piece plus seam allowances on all 4 sides.  If the fabric doesn't have a lot of body on it's own, interface the whole strip.  Fold in half right sides together and sew up the 2 short ends (top and bottom of the strip).  Sew one (or both if you want the seam to show on the inside of the jacket or the lining of the jacket will cover the seam) long side to the left side of the center front of the jacket.  Sew the left side of the zipper to the seam.  Then cover with the lining or a facing.  Add a button or snap to the neck and hem of the facing so it won't open up when the zipper is zipped.   You now have a flap to cover up the zipper.  Next time you can add the flap as part of the jacket front pattern on the left pattern piece before you cut it out.  That will elliminate the need for a seam.