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children's sewing books

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What are some good books for kids 8 - 10 to learn to sew when grandma is too far to help much.

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I teach sewing to 9-10 year (post #34241, reply #1 of 1)

I teach sewing to 9-10 year olds during their lunchtime at school.  There are boys as well as girls and what they like best (we can only do hand sewing) is sewing felt things.  We are currently finishing off pocket bags They can be hung up or used as a shoulder bag. Can hold hair things, little bears or your ipod (small music thing that kids have - I think that is what it is called).

They are the size of a pocket - use 4.1/2 x 10 inch piece of felt, leave plain or decorate with running stitch or embroidery or sew on buttons (to look like flowers). Fold in half ( tack sides together) and then either do running stitch up and down the same side or do blanket/buttonhole stitch up the sides and over the top.  Make a long handle out of thin ribbon or  the children make a cord out of twisting embroidery cotton, or wool.

We have also made felt Chrismas decorations - Chrismas trees - baubles - stars. Felt money purses   Gingham drawstring bags, Lavender bags out of wired ribbon .If you are interested in these sort of things I could TRY to put a photo of some onto the website.