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changing position and type of closures

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I am adapting simple patterns for use by people of limited mobility. How can I change (for example) a back zipper skirt pattern to a front Velcro or snap closure. This is for a gored skirt, I want the closure at the side front? Does anyone know of a source? 

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I  have no sources for  you (post #33326, reply #1 of 1)

I  have no sources for  you to look up but it would seem to me that if you adapt the princess seam in the front gores to a fly placket like on a pair of jeans, that would work.  Velcro could be applied to the facings instead of the zipper.  And just treat the back seam as a seam and sew it all the way up to the waistband/facing.  I would think that you would need something more substancial than velcro at the waist though.  A snap, button, or skirt/trouser hook and eye.