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Can't remember some terms of fabric grain

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Is there an eay way to remember which is which when it comes to weft, warp, grain, selvedge?  I can only remember what bias is.

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 Remember..............Weft (post #33081, reply #1 of 2)

 Remember..............Weft threads go from right to left

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"Selvedge"  is derived from (post #33081, reply #2 of 2)

"Selvedge"  is derived from "self edge", the woven edge of the fabric.  Usually garments are cut along the "grain" which runs parallel to it.  The grain along the weft is the "cross grain".  Fabric is usually less drapy when cut on the cross grain because the warp is under more tension during weaving, hence stiffer.  I once tried (once only!) to eke out a gathered skirt from some beautiful Liberty challis by cutting it on the cross grain, and it poofed out like organdy.  I only switch to cross grain cutting when I want some extra stiffness in a garment piece.  Another of  my mistakes:  trying to use the selvedge as the seam allowance--the tension is even greater here, so your seam will ripple.  The usual exception is for handwoven fabrics.  Can you tell I'm a (now reformed) fabric miser?  Happy sewing!