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Hi, when putting buttons on a sleeve of a ladies jacket do I also need to make buttonholes?  I recently bought a step-by-step tailoring book and it doesn't mention buttonholes for jacket sleeves.  Does anyone know if there is a jacket etiquette?

I'd really appreciate any thoughts on this.  Thank you

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Most jackets I've seen (men's (post #33836, reply #1 of 2)

Most jackets I've seen (men's as well as women's) only have the buttons, no buttonholes.  Buttonholes would make altering the sleeve length almost imposible.


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buttonholes (post #33836, reply #2 of 2)

Thank you for your reply Chris,  I had looked at some R-T-W jackets both designer and lower end and these have mock buttonholes on the sleeve vent.  I think I will stick with your comment as it makes sense and it is probably a custom tailoring thing which is what I'm aiming for!