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bound button holes

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i am sure there is an article on BOUND HAND BUTTON HOLES in one of the threads magazine have checked index but cannot find. my magazine start at 124


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    How to Make Appliquéd Buttonholes and More - CraftStylish

    13 Mar 2009 ... Although there are lots of ways to make fine-looking buttonholes—like bound buttonholes, hand-worked buttonholes, beautiful loop buttonholes ...
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bound buton holes (post #34216, reply #2 of 3)

thank you so much for going to the trouble to let me know about  this link.

the applique on the picture seems to block out the instructions for a simple bound button hole.

 i really thought i saw one recently well over the last 18 months  my mag,. start from 124


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Bound Buttonholes (post #34216, reply #3 of 3)

Hi Denise,

We have had a few articles on bound buttonholes on our website recently, Classic Bound Buttonholes (excerpted from "5 Foolproof Bound Buttonholes" Threads #94), Decorative Pockets or Bound Buttonholes by Louise Cutting, and Take a Buttonhole a Long Way. I hope these are helpful to you.