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Beginner Embroidery need help! :(

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So this is the first time i am attempting to embroid something, and i'm very confused about some things. please help! thank you!

here are some of my questions :

1)My image was quite large (30cmx19cm) but its a triangle shape so its not exactly that wide. I would like to know what type of stich to use. At first i was thinking satin stich but it seems far too wide to do that. :( So what stich should i use instead and how? here's how it looks like

2)what kind of thread to use. I've been to other forums and they use all sorts of threads. What type would be best for my sweatshirt?

thank you sooo much! :) 

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How To Embroidery This? (post #36205, reply #1 of 2)

I cannot see any way of doing this as an are referring the the white/grey areas?

Machine embroidery would make the area stitched so heavy that it would droop.

What about fabric paint?  You could make a stencil and use a spray for fabrics.


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Hi I assume that you have (post #36205, reply #2 of 2)


I assume that you have used chalk in which case any thread would go over the top.  However the lines appear quite thick and I am not sure how you want to cover the chalk areas.

I assume you are going to use machine embroidery, I have seen demonstrate that with some machines the package will allow you to scan the image and then plot your stiching from there I think I saw it on It's sew easy tv.  It may we worth checking their web site.


Hope this helps