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Like Nintendo's technique of speaking to sentimentality with the "Alola Forms" of great Red and Blue Pokémon, so too is wow Warmane outland Blizzard going for your affection for Warcraft. At the center of the contention stands Gul'dan and Illidan, two backbones that are presently secured battle with the approaching danger of the Burning Legion out of sight. Furthermore, similar to the Death Knight saint class tied intensely into the tale of Wrath of the Lich King and the ensuing wrapping up of Arthas' story, the expansion of the Demon Hunter legend class (just the second legend class in more than 10 years) is a flawless fit. 
There's a little catch in case you're quick to make one - you require a level 70 character on that server - and you have to possess the Legion extension itself, and you're in. Evil spirit Hunters begin at level 98, and before the finish of the wow Warmane outland around three-hour-long questline, you'll hit 100 (prepared to begin your move to the new 110 level top once Legion appropriate is out). Over that, you can get a special level lift to 100 for another or existing character, so it's a damn extraordinary kick off on the off chance that you decide on the combine (particularly so on the off chance that you help a healer, as you'll approach each of the three essential parts of the trinity).