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which pattern

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I have learned in a class, the technique for a twisted cape; but its been about 4-5 years and would like a pattern to refresh technique! Can anyone help direct....

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I don't know what exactly (post #32161, reply #1 of 2)

I don't know what exactly what you are asking for. Can you give us some more information?

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I think you may be referring (post #32161, reply #2 of 2)

I think you may be referring to a 'mobius' capelet, which can be knit or sewn.  They are remarkably simple as they are straight pieces of fabric.  

If you measure the shoulder at the largest place you want the cape to fall, add 6 inches, three for twist and three for ease, that will be your length.  The length will be the desired length of the wearer, probably close to the collar bone and going to the inside elbow, but that is all a style choice.  You must choose a soft fabric that drapes well and that looks well on both sides, because the back will be seen at the twist.  One way to vary and fix the 'wrong side' problem is to line the fabric with another in approx. the same weight and softness, this gives a particularly lovely effect if the colors work with or match the dress being worn.  

Construction exists as simply sewing one end of the long piece to the other after twisting one end, ONE time, then you have to either line or finish the raw edges in some manner that looks good on both sides, Chanel binding might be one way if you didn't want to line.  Lining is the simplest and the cleanest finish for this.