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What I think about Threads

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This is the best magazine I recieve.  Thank you for your articles about tailoring, special techniques and especially the ever great back cover.  I read this as soon as I get it and appreciate that you don't say  "Quick"  "Cheap"  "Anyone can do this".  Sewing is a full time hobby and sometimes income occupation for me.  I am a third generation seamstress and I often get special projects for friends and clients.  I call myself a design seamstress and I don't do alterations!  Everyone seems to think that that is a seamstress. 

I have been a subscriber for years and will continue.  I get many ideas from your articles that I turn into projects for myself and others.  The variety is inspirational and instructional at the same time.  I also am able to advise others on projects they may want to do too.  BRAVO

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I love Threads and have since the first issue!  I am a charter subscriber and have every issue except for a few that disappeared when my subscription disappeared.  I think Threads was sold or something- wasn't it originally printed in Asheville, NC?  Somehow, I got dropped between the cracks and didn't realize it.  To make a long story short - I can pull out any issue today, read it from front to back and discover many things that I love/want to do/have done/wonder how I missed the first time!  I guess my interests change and that is why I love the magazine because there is always something that appeals to me - the instructions are great, photography is great - I can't say enough good things about it!  Martha Ann