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Week 9: Threads sometimes illustrates...

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Week 9: Threads sometimes illustrates articles with a photo of the author. These photos:

  • Add personality to the article
  • Make the process or technique shown seem more doable
  • Make the process or technique shown seem more difficult
  • Make no difference to me

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Let's one know who is "talking" to the reader.  I always find it more pleasant to see a picture of the author than there to be no picture at all.

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How does having a photo of the author in the article compare with having just the pictures of the authors on the "Contributors" page at the beginning of the magazine?


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Carol, I like having the picture with the article.  It seems to personalize it more and I find the article more enjoyable.  I like having a face to go with the words.   With the pictures in the front, I tend to flip back and forth between the articles and the pictures of the contributors (again, I guess I want to associate the face with the words) and the flipping is detracting from the enjoyment of the article.


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Can we have forgotten Brook Delorme so soon?   I wonder if we would have been so involved in that article without having pictures of her modeling those interesting garments.       rjf

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Oh, my! Would that we could!! LOL

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Carol, I really like the "Contributors" page at the beginning of the magazine. It gives an opportunity for a more of a biography that you wouldn't otherwise print with the article. I'm very interested in knowing some background on each author. And I like pictures too. I think that showing a picture with the article is more about the subject of the article than the person themself, if you understand what I mean.


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I like the bio/photo as well.  If the photos w/in the article were such that they gave a view of the author's work area/studio/etc. then I'd say having the author photo was an enhancement.  As far as how it affects the perception of "do-ability" of the technique, which is how your survey question is really structured, it makes no difference at all - if someone is photographed doing the technique correctly, author or not, it either helps you do the technique better or it doesn't - it's not WHO is in the photo doing it that makes the difference.


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I like having the pictures at the beginning of the magazine.  When I get home from work and it's my lucky day to have received Threads in the mail, I often don't have enough time to do more than skim the magazine.  With the bio-page at the front, I can read through to get an idea of what's inside.  I enjoy this sort of "what's coming up next" tickler and it helps me decide which article I must read first (or if I ought to throw all caution to the wind and sit down with the magazine right away, before dinner is begun).


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I enjoy the contributors page, as well.  It's nice to see a "who's who" in the sewing world, and get inspired by thier collective accomplishments.