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Week 8: Threads sometimes publishes ...

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Week 8: Threads sometimes publishes articles devoted to quick, easy projects, as shown below. These articles:

  • Interest me and prompt me to try the project
  • Present project ideas I like to share with others
  • Interest me even if I don't want to make the project
  • Don't interest me
  • 1 and 2 above
  • 2 and 3 above

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I usually find the quick and easies fascinating even when I don't plan to do them.  They get me thinking about other ways to use the ideas and they are often like math puzzles which I find fun.  It's gratifying to a retired math teacher to see math being used in such an intuitive way and to see how sewists think three-dimensionally without the fear that seems to creep into a math class.      rjf



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I like the quick and easies, because I tend to think, Ok, I'm not interested in doing this now, but I can come back to it when I'm planning out my Christmas shopping and make some of them up as gifts... When I'm feeling more ambitious!

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I love them both and fully intend to do them both. I have tried many of the projects and some have become favorite gifts.  I really like knowing there is something I can do when I don't have much time, no money, or scraps I need to do something with, and get it finished.