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Wedding dress tulle

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Wedding dress tulle  (post #37863)

Hello everyone,

i bought my wedding dress, but want to get it alter to add more tulle on the bottom. Will this be difficult for my seamstress to do?  I will only have 10 days to get it alter :( 

I was incredibly indecisive and ended up buying this dress:

Then I realize I love how flowy the bottom of this dress looks:

Please can anyone help me?   Thank you so much for your expertise! 

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Wedding Gown Alteration (post #37863, reply #1 of 2)

Too much gathering of the flounce could create a bulge. 

Adding body to the tulle with a starch or starch alternative may work without any sewing or purchasing of more fabric.  

Let the seamstress look at it and she can then decide what can be done.

Personally, I like the way it looks now.


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Thank you spicegirl1! I (post #37863, reply #2 of 2)

Thank you spicegirl1! I didn't think of starching as an option. Ideally if I had more time, I would want more tulle.  However, your alternative maybe the way to go. I will definitely consider it when my dress comes in and I can talk to my seamstress.