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Topics I Enjoy in Threads

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My favorite articles are those on wearable art and embellishments.  I don't care for wearable art garments that look as though they were made from my grandmother's old tablecloths, though!  Lois Erickson and her daughter, Diane, do wonderful work, and there are several other wearable art designers who are also creatively inspirational.

Some years ago Threads did a cover article on silk ribbon embroidery that was inspirational to me.  It gave instructions for making silk ribbon flowers to embellish the lapel of a silk suit. I still have the ones I made and the suit!

What a joy it is to dive into each issue of Threads when it arrives at my home!

Marilyn in MD


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I couldn't agree with you more!  And I, too, love Lois Erickson and daughter, Diane's designs.  They truely inspire me to push the envelope in my thinking towards design.  I want Threads to make me daydream of unusual design, fabric manipulation, and show me possible techniques.