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Threads then and now

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I just looked through my #111 issue of Threads with a critical eye to try to determine the source of the dullness in the latest issues that many people are talking about. (Number 112 has not arrived yet, subscription snaffu.) I realized there was a sameness to the articles in issue 111 as if I was reading excerpts form a sewing how-to book. Each article is excellent but the sum is uninspiring in the magazine.

Looking back a few years at some issues to compare I see a variety of topics covered. What a refreshing mix. Seeing an article on the history and creation of fabric, one with a focus on a specific aspect of garment construction, another on design, something about embellishment, etc., then I am intrigued and my mind is working with ideas and I want to rush to my sewing room to get started. If each issue of Threads brings the reader something from each of the big categories of creating, namely ideas, materials, and methods, then the inspiration is a whole package, not just a part.