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singer 201 y9990621

feed dog's picture

  Hi all ive just this minute signed up to your site , and have'nt a clue if im on the right section im sure someone will put me right.

ive got hold of an old singer.(id number above in subject) in not the best condition, it came with its thread tensioner in a draw, its not one i recognise, it has a small slot with lines along and  + - marks at either end of the scale (no numbers) can anyone reconise this type and can they advise me how it fits togeter also the feed dog only has teeth in the small slot ,none in the longer slot ,is this right or do i need to buy another feed dog, It also has a broken lower thread guide on the needle clamp can this be bought . and lastly  does anyone know the original colour of the cast iron table stand (not the wooden ones but the all iron with the singer logo in the centre and the logo at ether end ) I know its mostly black but does the big singer word and the end logo's have a different colour ie gold like the decals ? I am trying to referb this machine to give to my daughter any advice and help with the above will be very appriciated , Many thanks Ron