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Sewing history

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Sewing history (post #31247)

Yes!  Not only people history, but history about sewing machine develpment, methods, fads, etc.  I would love it.  My grandmother sewed on a treadle machine, my mother made dance costumes with a pattern she cut from newspaper after seeing a picture somewhere.  I love to read this sort of thing.

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Judy the type of articles you mention would be really interesting to read. Hopefully Threds will listen to some of this e-mail under various topic headings, that focus on what you are saying.

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Try these 2 sites:

Vintage sewing has some actual instruction sheets, etc., from Butterick - many decades, early 20th century to mid-century.

FashionEra is just a delight! History, related articles, fashion trends, etc., but sometimes it doesn't load correctly, just keep trying. Their server is not very reliable.



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Thank you so much.  Those are great websites...Judy