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readers showcase (post #31245)

Has threads ever thought of doing a reader showcase pages in their issues?  I subscribe to some professional craft magazines and they have a few pages in each issue set aside for their readers to showcase their medium.  They put out a a schedule for when the crafter has to submit a photo and bio by and then showcase them and sometimes do an "indepth" on them.  I'm referring to the craft reports magazine.  They typically group the subject matter ie, glass, fiber, wood etc.  Threads could do something like this but use subjects like, surface design, surface manipulation, accessories, wearables, wall quilts, silk (or some other specific fiber)creations, etc.   I would think that Threads readers would find it interesting to see what other readers are doing and for those readers who aren't interested in submitting or participating in the challenges you sponser this would give them a chance to showcase how Threads inspires them.  Just a thought.


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We have done this in the past (long before I was here). In the past few years, we've opted to include more editorial material, which, unfortunately, pushed out some of that sort of content. Because we love to see what our readers are sewing, though, we started sponsoring the "Inspired by Threads" challenge, along with the PACC challenge (Professional Association of Custom Clothiers), and always include a feature on the winners of these contests.

Several months ago I set up the "Photo Gallery" here at Gatherings, to provide a place for members to post pictures of their creations. Since then, other discussions here have been illustrated with examples of completed pieces. I'm hoping that now that digital photography is becoming more commonplace (even I have a digital camera now), we'll see more posts.