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Rachel Clarke Update?

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Rachel Clarke Update? (post #31250)


Some years back, Threads featured an article by Rachel Kincy Clarke, an amazing fabric artist who creates unique pieced and quilted garments. Might you consider asking her for another article? Thanks!


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Rachel's got a website which features a gallery with her designs.  Find it at

Perhaps she could do a piece on Nigerian reverse applique? 


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Thanks, Marijke, for the reminder--I hadn't checked Rachel's site for awhile, and now I have her 2004 schedule in hand! I like the reverse applique idea, too.


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What a happy site!  Knock-your-eye-out colors!  It's a nice contrast to the snow outside.     Thanks for posting the address.  But what is Nigerian reverse applique?    rjf



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I've seen her demonstrate this on a HGTV show (forgot which, we don't get the sewing shows anymore).  It's really just reverse applique like other reverse applique (e.g. Molas or some of the Hmong work), but the color schemes, applique shapes and overall design are unique.


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The show mentioned was Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson.