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Passwords (post #34627)

This is the first time I have posted and can't recall how to respond to a message - HELP! Regarding recalling passwords and ways to remember. It was suggested not to use a pets name if you have more than one! I keep a text file on my desktop with discussion/listaddresses and passwords and hints in it - things I need to remember. I don't keep secure site info there, just forums and sites I may visit more frequently. I label the text file something that doesn't make any sense to anyone looking on my desktop. 'Stuff' is one of my favourite labels. Or one could put the text file in a another file that you could remember. BTW when I read the FAQ files it is noted that if enough people asked the site managers would develop a way to find old messages. I take that to mean the old Gathers as well. So lets everyone ask for that. I had booked marked old topics I had wanted to follow up before the change, but not the message numbers. Some things I want to review, as there was certainly better information in those old discussions than the way it is now.