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not being able to post

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This still isn't fixed.  Why do I have to log in just to get to the site and then not be able to reply to a question.  I am told that I have to log in when I have just logged in. I have to go back to the Log in and even then I am not always given an opportunity to reply.    Does anyone else have this problem?  Please fix this.  Sometimes I just don't want to put up the fight it takes to answer someone's question.

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It's a pain (post #32621, reply #1 of 20)

It's absolutely a pain to navigate, and I surely understand what you are saying.  Here's what I do.  Since I rarely turn off my computer and I check in for a quick look several time a day to see if there are any interesting conversations going on (not very many any more with the new and improved site), I hardly ever log out.  When I want to come to this site, I just go to the history of the recent URL's I've visited and click on Gatherings and I don't have to go through the PITA of the convoluted log in process, because I'm still logged in. 

Hope that made sense.  It works for me because, like you, it was infuriating every time I had to wade through computer geeks mine field.

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You visit several times a (post #32621, reply #2 of 20)

You visit several times a day?  You are a glutton for punishment!    And tonight I didn't have to log in at all to comment.  Go figure....

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I'm one of the members who (post #32621, reply #3 of 20)

I'm one of the members who come on at least everyday.  Rather than a glutton-for-punishment, it's more of a determination of rising above a something that seems to go quirky now & again.  Tee-hee. 

Jason is surely a very knowledgeable cyber tech when he was involved in putting the change into motion.  He just misses us folks on the lower rungs of the ladder.  I have yet to figure out what "pagination" means & feel like Hansel & Gretel as I try to find the "bread crumb navigation to top & bottom of page." 


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terms (post #32621, reply #4 of 20)

One of the first lessons in communication is to speak the language of your audience.  That is presuming, of  course, that you want to communicate and not try to impress whith your superior knowledge.  ....... I know, I know, my sarcasm is a bit over the top, but my first sentence IS correct.  Jason lost a lot of us with his attitude and not with his knowledge nor what he was trying to accomplish. 


Pagination, if you were being serious, is, simply put, numbering the pages.  The "bread crumb" is the link to the next topic you can click on and is featured near the top of the pace og each individual topic. 


And I agree with you, I come here often just to see what is going on.  My computer stays on all the time and I pass it multiple times each day and my curiosity often gets the better of me.

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Back when I was composing (post #32621, reply #5 of 20)

Back when I was composing text for hand-outs & or the like, one point i was taught is to think at a 4th grade reading level.  & Yes i fully apprecaite your specification of speaking to the level of your audience.  I'm smiling here because an explanation is in the medical arena & inappropriate for a public board.   

That said, thank you for the expalantion of "pagination & bread crumbs."  For certain, cyberspace has coined new words.

By-the-by, did you ever find Preview again?


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Nope (post #32621, reply #6 of 20)

I'm beginning to think that may have been merely a figment of my imagination.  Or wishful thinking.......

I love the English language and learning new words is such a joy for me --  I know, I'm easily entertained.  I try to be mindful of the audience so I don't appear pompous, because I'm just an old country girl in reality.  Fortunately my close friends and family indulge me with my "50¢" words.  LOLOL   My DIL if fun to converse with as we try out new words on each other frequently.

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Sounds daunting! (post #32621, reply #7 of 20)

I'm brand new to this site and found the conversation about navigating the site hillarious!  Not sure that computer geeks and sewing enthusiasts mix well at all!  I just joined today and am wondering why, if they had a better way of doing things before this, they don't go back to it!  Naive, I guess, but, it would seem that the goal is keeping the customers happy - no?!

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Welcome.  Sorry, there is (post #32621, reply #8 of 20)

Welcome.  Sorry, there is nothing hilarious about the frustration of dealing with the changes on this sight.  We have lost some wonderful contributors.  But some of us are hanging in there....

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As with stillsewsue - did I (post #32621, reply #9 of 20)

As with stillsewsue - did I get that correct? ( In the better old days we had a browser to check member's names.   Through which it was also available to post to a specific member.  If it's doable now, I've yet to know how.)    Further -

Another welcome to Gatherings.  There is a degree of humor in the member response.  And, there's also frustration.  My approach is to remember the site is w/o cost, and most certainly out of my contol as to platform.  The one important thing the Threads magazine did was to announce the change was coming before it actually did.  And some changes have been made once it was launched. 

Vickie North (?) is the Threads oraganization person who posts periodically has tried to keep things on an even keel.  But she too, I think, is able to have limited significant influence other than trying to keep a + approach.  Corporate decisions are often sacrosanct.

"Going back" is probably impossible for cyber reasons some of us folks here are less than able to know.  And. yes - keeping customers happy - is a business goal.  Since members here are such w/o cost, we may be viewed as something other than thus.

There's a Thread having posts from the initial change over.  if you choose to explore, try opening FEEDBACK ON THREADS under Recent Discussions.  Jason, the cyber tech involved in this format offers HO. 

For what it matters, I posted the Discussion title as it appears.  So it's other than me "shouting."  As I'm remembering replying on here before, my choice is to hang-in and & rise above a system or machine process affecting my persona. 

So Maureen is grand to have you here.  Hope you stay to figure out what the heck we're all trying to do.   One way or another.  One of my liabilities is being less than succinct.  I figure folks have to option to read past. 


ETA - I erred.  My apology Sue.  My lead in should've been stillsuesew.   


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Hi Palady, The only way I (post #32621, reply #10 of 20)

Hi Palady,

The only way I can find members is to look to the top left area of this page and it lists Home/Post New/My Profile etc.  There is the word Members.  I click on that and it shows who has been on recently giving time etc.  I am wondering if you knew of someone you wanted to contact you might go through all the pages and find that persons name.  I think I clicked on someone there and it will allow you eventually to send a private message to them.  I'm trying to remember as I write this but have not looked under that title Members recently.  I am currently away from home and on someone elses computer so don't want to play around too much.

Hope this works for you.

Heather (usually in Calgary but not today)

Heather in Calgary
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Finding members (post #32621, reply #11 of 20)

Thanks Heather.  Figure it's the only way.  What was available  before was the better.  One could just use the drop down menu that was in place on the reply screen.   

MO, Jason &/or the creating-the-change team likely may have  spent any nil moments reviewing the previous set up.   Hhmm, a just now thought.  Maybe paltforms are copyrighted to some degree, so it's impossible to duplicate functions.


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The problem is... (post #32621, reply #14 of 20)

"Naive, I guess, but, it would seem that the goal is keeping the customers happy - no?!

The problem is, I suppose, that we're not customers, actually.  Just disappointed users, I'm afraid.


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Hi, palady.  I finally (post #32621, reply #12 of 20)

Hi, palady.  I finally figured out that "Choice for pagination" means the ability for each user to determine how many messages appear on each page.  I've also discovered that the "flat" format, rather than the "threaded" format works very well for me, keeping messages in order in which they were posted.  Both choices appear immediately under the first message of each discussion.  Forgive me if you already knew this.  

I still don't know what the "added bread crumb navigation to top and bottom of page" means - I do see the line at the top of the page, just above the first message, which shows how I got there, i.e., "Home>Forums>Talk with Us>Not Being Able to Post".  That seems helpful in navigating Gatherings, but has nothing to do with "navigation to top and bottom of page".  I find the FAQ section practically useless. Perhaps that will improve, when the systems designers are able to document the changes they've made to accommodate us users.

So glad you've stuck around here, providing help to those of us who need it.


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Being away from my home (post #32621, reply #15 of 20)

Being away from my home system, my PC time is influenced by the nneds of my grands overall.   Which is why it's taken days to acknowledge your post.

I'm coming to the conlusion how somel of Gatherings appears is a variable.   Junkqueen mentioned some choices I have yet to find.  One of which she was unable to "find" again.  All of which translates to my just hanging in & seeing wahat all comes to be.

For certain, the traffic has diminshed.  But I take comfort in seeing "familiar"  folks such as yourself.  It matters.


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Thank you... (post #32621, reply #16 of 20)

Thanks for your response.  I suppose we'll find our way through all this new system eventually.


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Or not............... (post #32621, reply #17 of 20)

Or not...............

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YES, me too. (post #32621, reply #13 of 20)

Yes, stillsuesew, the same thing is happening to me today.  Grrrr.  It happened on both Gatherings and Over the Fence.  I got caught in some kind of log-in loop when clicking on the Reply to Post button, even though I had logged in previously.  Then when I re-logged in I got a message "Access Denied.  You are not authorized to access this page."  Frustrating, not being able to reply to someone who has helped you.  And way too time-consuming.  I finally logged out and started over.  That seems to have worked.

I noticed that the Over the Fence site identifies itself as "Over the Fence - Beta".  I'm not terribly tech savvy, but I think that means the software for the system is still in test-phase, and kinks, while expected, will be resolved.  That, at least is reassuring - that they know there are kinks.  It would be lovely, if there were an obvious place to report such kinks.  I suppose the Forum Status Update Letter mentioned on the left column is the place to do that?  I'll try it.

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Just saying Hi (post #32621, reply #18 of 20)

Hi! I finally signed up to the site and wanted to check in.
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Just saying Hi (post #32621, reply #19 of 20)

Hi! I finally signed up to the site and wanted to check in.
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I am having the same problem, (post #32621, reply #20 of 20)

I am having the same problem, being "denied" each time I sign it!  HOw insulting!!!!