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my worst sewing disaster

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The disaster that comes to mind, wasn't one I made.  It was primarily because of the wrong fabric for the style.  An earlier writer pointed out that wrong fabric was  a frequent culprit and I agree, that's been the cause with other messes I'VE made.

In this case a friend called and asked if I would be willing to help her other friend.  The girl had paid someone to make an evening gown for a cruise and was in a deep depression.  I told her I would LOOk and see if I could do anything.

Okay, let me first say, this was a very tall 21 year old volley ball player with a fantastic body.  She looked like a living Barbie doll with a more natural, prettier face.  I wanted to cry when I saw what the woman had done with very expensive beaded stretch lace!

All I remember is that it was the ugliest, most unflattering thing I'd ever seen...even on an IDEAL body! She had  used stretch fabric and NO part of the dress, (except maybe the shoulders) touched her body.  I remember it hung like a feed sack and had a deep gathered flounce and a big ugly fabric bow somewhere AND worst of all the hem was about 4 inches above the ankles??

I am not making this up.  All I could think of  was wasted $$$$$$$$$

I told her I didn't know what I could do...but it was bound to be an improvement..but she would have to be right there in my house so I could put it on her anytime I needed to.  She brought her books and studied while I ripped.  We first put it on backwards, upside name it..I tried it.

At some point as I was finishing, I had it wrong side out on the ironing board and noticed a network of seams sort of in the hip area.  After a few seconds I started laughing when I realized that was where the shoulders had originally been!

 I remember the dumb bow because I had to painstakingly take it all apart in order to get enough fabric to make a set in waist band, in order to get the dress long enough.  It looked like a jig saw puzzle.  I never could understand why she bought stretch fabric and used a pattern requiring all those seams. The pattern she chose could have been made out of cardboard, aluminum siding, sheetrock..etc.

Because the fabric had a busy lace-like pattern you really couldn't see my additional  multitude of seams.  We ended up with a very basic formfitted long gown  that flared into a trumpet below the knees.  It wasn't  very original, but she was thrilled and I was relieved that she just had something presentable and would look pretty.

It was the perfect reminder that with the wrong fabric for your're doomed.