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more fashion details

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I have been reading Threads for a year and have even ordered several back issues.  Threads is a breath of fresh air.  The articles and graphics are clear and easy to understand, and I appreciate the 'white space' in the current layout.  I liked the '3 Looks' article in the current issue #112 which helps me think past the pattern envelope.

I consider myself an intermediate sewer and am interested in fashion sewing, not quilting, home dec, nor embroidery.

I find some of the embroidery examples that you have shown in the magazine right on the edge of the tasteful/tacky line.  I would never consider embroidering a garment, but the dress on the cover of #106 was very elegant.  The twin needle stitching and blouse, on the cover of Threads #107 was lovely, but I would never embellish a garment.  Also, I would never consider fringe on a garment, but again, the jacket on the cover of Threads #106 was very well done.

How about more ways to alter RTW clothes?  How to change those 80's jacket shoulders?  Or how to reduce the crotch depth of one of those impulse buys?

I would also like to see more examples of fitted, tailored clothes.  I am slim and would get lost in many of the jacket styles shown.

What about showing how to construct a portrait collar, or perhaphs some 50's retro collars on jackets?

Perhaps a primer of different types of fabrics?  Closeup photos of various types of wool for example, and their best uses would be helpful.