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Market Opportunity for Threads

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Hello US sewers,

I would like to write my email to the managing director of this review.

I have been wandering around on your site, I bought some old magazines of yours, I have subscribed online to your magazine now.

I think you your method of teaching is great, your skills make every job easy and fast. But you are not selling in Italy , or perhaps in the  whole Europe.

Here in Italy we get only one magazine which is not similar to yours: BURDA. It is quite rich in patterns but it is quite poor in suggestion on how to sew.

I have been attending some courses for sewing starters but they are so expensive while it is possible to learn from your videos and from your suggestions.

Do you need me to introduce your italian version of threads in my country?
i think translation is a must and perhaps I may be a good point of contact.

More over I think there is a great market opportunity for your magazine here.

burda gets always the sold out on a newstand.

Let me know if you want my help. i think we may start a great deal together.