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Making a removable lace motif...

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I am starting to plan how to make my wedding dress, and it's proving slightly complicated.  I'd like to create it as a corset and skirt, rather than a one-piece dress, so that I can switch to a second, shorter, skirt for the evening (and avoid annoying everyone/falling over my dress all night!)

To give you an idea of what I'm going for - sweetheart neckline corset top, made in fairly heavy silk with a ruched chiffon overlay, A-line tulle skirt, with some volume but not insanely huge - probably 3-4 layers.

The issue I'm having is that I'd like lace motifs (leftover from my mum's wedding dress) scattered over the bodice and spilling onto the skirt, but obviously still need the two pieces to remain separate.  I've attached a sketch to help show what I mean.  I'm thinking that the easiest option would be to have one or two motifs stitched onto the bottom of the bodice and "hanging" over the edge, and then others stitched onto the skirt which form a group around it.  However I don't want the "hanging" ones to flap around.

I'm wondering if there's a way I could attach them to the skirt temporarily, so that the skirt can still be removed when needed, but so they are secure and stay flat.  I also need to bear in mind the delicacy of the lace and the tulle first ridiculous, wouldn't-actually-do-it thought was velcro (!) but obviously need something far gentler.  Maybe tiny hooks and eyes?

Any insight would be much appreciated!  Thanks in advance :)