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Machine Embroidery and Bobbins?

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I recently received a new embroidery/sewing machine for Christmas and have yet to be able to take classes. Therefore, I have not used it because I don't want to ruin it. I noticed in the package I received that it came with white thread. Am I to assume that for embroidering, you can use either white or black embroidery thread for the bobbins instead of winding bobbins of color thread that matches the top thread?



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Machine Embroidery Bobbin Thread (post #38830, reply #1 of 2)

Embroidery machines use a specific thread in the bobbins. The thread is labeled as bobbin fill for machine embroidery and can be found by the spool or as pre-wound bobbins.  This thread is strong, fine, and usually white. Why white? Because the bobbin thread does not show on the right side of machine embroidery. A properly working machine pulls more of the top thread to the back, and leaves the bobbin thread more or less in the center (of course, this will vary with the design). The embroidery designer has specifically calibrated the placement of each stitch in a design requiring hundreds of stitches. The bulk of normal sewing thread interferes with proper stitch placement. Using thread specified for use in  embroidery machines helps ensure beautiful results when your design is stitched out.


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Machine Embroidery and Bobbins (post #38830, reply #2 of 2)

Teachers for classes will be much happier if you know the basics for using the machine.  

Sit down at the machine and open the manual for your machine.  Read and apply and you will learn at lot, including bobbin spool size and machine embroidery bobbin thread weight.

Machine embroidery bobbin thread is a lighter weight than the top thread so that the top thread pulls to the back/bottom of the design.

This is not the same as sewing machine stitching where the stitch is balanced.