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Knit fabric

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Knit fabric (post #31277)

Hi, I just joined this group and hope someone can help me. I am looking for a source for knit fabric like that used in St John knits.

I have lots of experience in sewing and embroidery and always love to learn more.

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I don't know either and I'd love to find a source too! 


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I think we'd all like to find a good source for that fabric! I've heard through the grapevine (but this is hearsay, so don't take it as the gospel) that St. John's simply doesn't sell its excess fabric, in order to protect its place in the clothing market. However, I have seen a very similar product manufactured and sold by Karen's Kreations, of Bellevue, Washington (425-643-9809). Look for her at

She sells wonderful boiled wool with matching knit binding as well. Unfortunately, I don't see her "St. John's" fabric (rayon and acrylic) listed on the website, but I know she had it at the Puyallup show this year.


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Thanks Carol, I have contacted her and waiting for an answer.

On another thread, you had a question on something to do with fitting I think. All I can say is if you have a problem, check Sandra Betzinn's book. It is called Fast Fit and is a gem.

I have many books on fitting and many years on sewing and find this to be one of the easier to use.







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Did you ever find a source? I've been looking, too.

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No, I'm still looking. I found someone that knits on a home knitting machine and sells by the yard, but not 90% wool 10% nylon. She uses acrylic.

If I ever find it I'll post on here.