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It's about Quality

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What I appreciate most about Threads is its absolute dedication to QUALITY. I would be very disappointed to start reading about "shortcuts" that sacrifice quality for speed. I sew mainly for fit, which I really can't purchase--ready-to-wear is rarely comfortable. I don't have to use couture techniques on every garment but I do want to know the best way to make sure that what I do create will look good and last more than a couple of wearings!

Though sometimes articles suggest techniques that are beyond my ability or time constraints, I find them to be inspirations. When I do want to try something new, I know that I can keep improving my skills with these instructions. Threads has often given me the confidence to do something scary (welt pockets!).

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I totally agree!!! I have sewed my own pants for years but it's a total pain in you-know-what.  Buying them is just a big a pain because the quality is SO CHEAP and they don't fit.  So one day, in desperation, I finally tried Saks Fifth Avenue.  Pulled 3 pairs of pants off the rack - 2 of them fit perfectly.  Total amazement.  Of course, I couldn't afford them... so I decided to try their outlet store, found some pants on sale (actually super-sale) that made them affordable.  When I got them home,  I checked out the construction and was astounded to find out that THIS was the same quality I was used to sewing.  THIS is why I have always hated ready-to-wear.  But to BUY that quality that I'm used to having - $185 full retail!!  So I high-tailed it to an expert teacher who helped me create a fitting muslin so I have perfect fitting pants every time!! And SAKS quality!!! I LOVE TO SEW!! Oh, it's also about getting them in any color I want, in any fabric I want, with the pants legs any width I want, flared, straight, palazzo, whatever rise I want, with a waistband, without  - and NEVER being a slave to the fashion-industry again! I bet they hate us...  (evil grin... :)

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I'd only argue with ONE point in your message. When you make them, you don't get "Saks quality" -- you get BETTER than that.

I too have tried on the offerings at stores I can't afford. I even bought one pair from Nordstrom that was on sale ($75 down from $175, which tells you how much money they make) which fit pretty well. But I can do that--I can make a pair of lined, beautiful pants for $30-$40 in a couple of hours.

Keep sewing!!