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I'm going away for a couple of weeks

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Dear Gatherings members,

I'll be leaving on vacation next Tuesday, and will be out of the office till the following Friday (4/13-4/23). I've asked the other editors to check in with you each day and be sure your questions are answered--and I'll see if I can log in while I'm away as well occasionally. Just wanted to let you know ahead of time--I'm not abandoning you forever!


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Have a fun vacation, Carol!

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Have a great vacation, Carol! Come back rested, refreshed and with plenty of inspiration!


Follow your bliss ~~ Joseph Campbell
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Thanks, everyone. I'm heading off to Hawaii, so I'll be sure to take note of the latest styles in mu'u mu'us and grass skirts. Just kidding--there's lots to look at there, from wonderful designer boutiques to terrific Asian clothes, not to mention the fun of the Hawaiian shirts. It will certainly be a nice change from the dark woolens I'm still wearing here!


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Follow your bliss ~~ Joseph Campbell
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Two of my favorite things about our trip to Hawaii a couple years ago was seeing sea turtles up close and personal and Fabric Mart (we were on Maui).  Family thought we were away from fabric for awhile but I found FM's ad on the airline magazine...   we went to the one in Maui but they have locations on other islands. HUGE selection of Hawaiian prints in  100% cotton, poly cotton and barkcloth. So you can get a good fabric fix while there too!