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Help needed to recover the a dress with dye bleed stains

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When on a camping trip at a Renisance Festival when we got caught in the rain. My sister in law hung her wet 100% Rayon dress next to my tye dye skirt to drip dry. Naturally the colors from the skit bleed onto her dress. It was the 1st time she had worn it so she's heart broken and I'd like to fix it for her.

   The dress is 100% rayon and is a medium celery green shade. It has an intricate braid trim all over it that picked up the original green dye in a darker tone.  The dyd transfer spots are magenta and purple- mostly magenta. She has tried soaking it and  various stain treatments to remove the transfer with no luck. Being a bit more crafty I thought we might be able to dye it and fix it. She doesn't care what color it is if we can recover it since it was kinda pricey. 

Should I use a color remover on it?  What shade would be the best to dye it? 

Thank you!