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flower girl dress out of dupioni silk

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Hi everybody!  I am in the process of planning to make my first formal dress -- a flower girl dress for my 5 year old granddaughter! I hope I am not over my head.

It will be out of dupioni silk, simple, sleeveless gathered dress with a sash. I know enough that I should unerline it, and I am thinking what would be best? is silk organza too heavy? just the right weight? This is a Vogue pattern ( made a trial run out of cotton) and it has tulle gathered and attached to the lining--that makes a very nice fullness to the skirt. What lining should I buy? I want to go all out and buy the best fabrics for this project. Also, should I prewash the silk, or will that make it too limp? I hand pick the zipper and love the hand work inside the garment. I also think the bodice should be underlined with either double the chosen underlining or a heavier one than one layer of silk organza. I may be wrong on the silk organza. HELP!

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underline the bodice with a 100% cotton bridal underlining that I've had a supply of/is hard to find.  You could use a thick muslin prewashed and pressed--hides all the bodice seams.  I use invisible zips but prefer for silk to use covered buttons or flat pearl buttons for more of an heirloom look.  I use acetate lining since it breathes and is more comfortable next to skin.  Also instead of tulle petticoat use the "can can" made for bridal petticoats (go look at bridal gowns to see the difference).  The skirt would be silk on top, layer of lining then last the lining with the "can can" ruffles for fullness.  I also make my skirts 3 fabric widths instead of like the pattern for a lot of  fullness. I pre-shrink dupioni silk by steam pressing on the wrong side (hard to tell difference so I mark wrong side with a small piece of mask tape as I press & cut pattern pieces).  I'd definitely sew a double sash and turn it rather than hem edges and make it plenty long and 3-4" wide for a pretty bow.

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What wonderful advise! Do you think I am making a mistake choosing silk? I am looking at ready made and satin, taffeta seem to be most popular? For a 5 year old is silk too sophisticated?

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Silk flower girl dresses are sweet especially when adding the "heirloom" deltails.  One additional detail that a lot of my brides have liked is making a one inch tuck (or two) in the skirt that runs parallel to the hem about 5" from the hemline fold.  If fact, I usually make the hem deep enough to enclose the raw edge of the hem into the tuck so it makes both the tuck and hems it all in the same stitching.  I've ssen the use of those wide tucks around the skirt in "RTW heirloom" dresses.  If the little girl gets to wear the dress after the wedding and she grows, the tuck can be let out and the stitching camoflauged by making pintucks over the needle holes and they magically disappear!  Sometimes additional pintucks are needed in between to make the section look like it  was originally made that way.

FYI--I've faced lots of hems for 4 granddaughters little dresses and added the pintucks, ribbon, rickrack, etc. to camo the hem fold depending on the style and original trim on the dress.

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The confirmation dress I made for my grandaughter (8) was out of dupoini  silk  (lined with silk lining)

and she loved it.  I was very pleased with how it turned out and the silk was very easy to sew.

There is a photo of the dress somewhere on this website but wouldn't know how to find it. 




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Don't wash the (post #33071, reply #2 of 7)

Don't wash the silk........... It will go limp.

Cotton lawn makes a good underling. silk organza works well to.

My favourite lining is "brem silk"............but this maybe sold under another name in the USA.

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its a solid pick. it is the (post #33071, reply #6 of 7)

its a solid selection. here is the dress we picked.

yes, it looks gorgeous.

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fabrics and satin flower girl dress (post #33071, reply #7 of 7)

Goodness, so much stylish adorable-ness in one great post! Try using superior quality fabrics such as organza, satin and taffeta that feels extremely soft on skin. Here a stunning  selection of flower girl dress items with the  glorious shade.