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dry iron (post #31361)

Since I started this discussion about dry irons, I will chime in about why I wanted one. Often when using a fusibale like Wonderunder,etc. my iron leaves spots where it is not sealed very well. Always at a critical edge. Als I like to iron pattterns and it seems I always time it just when I have my steam iron full of water and it drips even when it is turned off of steam. I did get the iron from Vermont country store and I agree it could have been a little larger and heavier. But, in this day and age we often have to settle for what is available. I know that one of these days I will come across an old G.E. dry iron at a garage sale for about $1.00 !!! That`s how it usually goes.I think the discussions about this subjct and also the Chanel jackets and sleeves have been worth the cost of my monthly internet sevice. Keep on talking, Bonkers