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Direction for the future and advice

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Shalom from Jerusalem!  Thank you for asking for our imput.  The reason that I subscribe to Threads is for the unique applications and clever innovations that you feature.  There are plenty of sources for basics, in fact, I just saw on your home-page a link with Simplicity books.  You used to have much more of the unique and I hope that you will return to this idea in the future.  As part of the discussion on sewing for men, Threads mentioned that many  own  the new sophisticated sewing/embroidery machines.  My Singer Athenium 2000 (the first computerized) is on the way out and I am seriously considering the Janome 10000.  If anyone has one, I would greatly appreciate hearing what kind of a job it does.  Is the Janome 10001 that much better  that it warrants being double the price?  Any info would be helpful.  I used to bake for creativity, but my legs are tired of standing up so long and sewing isn't as fattening!  Keep on inspiring us!  Thank you.