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Clipping curves

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The diagram that shows when to clip a slit and when to clip a V is the wrong way around.

On an external curve, clipping a slit is correct.  Ther is less fabric on the outer edge than on the seam, so the curve will spread these slits apart to allow the outer perimeter to be larger than the inner one.  You don't need to clip a V.

On an internal curve, the perimeter at the outer edge is larger than at the seam.  It needs to squash up into a smaller space so to you need to clip V notches to prevent the fabric from overlapping and being lumpy.  The Vs will just look like slits around the curve once it's clipped.

You have Vs on the external and slits on the internal - please correct the diagram: 79-improve-your-sewing-04.jpg - move the V shaped bits above the internal curve.

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Clipping Curves (post #38776, reply #1 of 1)

According to my sewing library:  

Reader's Digest's Complete Guide To Sewing, Circa 1982.....Concave = notches/wedges;  Convex = snip/slit.  

Simplicity's Simply The Best Sewing Book, Circa 2001...... just the opposite.   

I pink when I can and let the fabric be my guide as to what works best.