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Book Reviews (post #31259)

I read a lot, and in every magazine I subscribe to I read the book reviews first. I am disappointed that Threads used to have a book review column in every issue and review five or six books in each column. Now there is only a column in every other issue (just three times a year) and only a couple of books are reviewed in each column. Why can't you publish more book reviews?



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Hi, Jennie,

I'm a bookaholic, too, esp. when it comes to sewing and fiberarts books. We'll continue to review books, though in the future books will be included in the "Tools of the Trade" department.


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Does this mean you'll be publishing more or fewer book reviews?



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Almost certainly fewer for the time being; we're going to share space between book reviews and tool/equipment reviews, so everything will get a little less room, unfortunately. We're also discussing making book reviews a web-only feature.


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I too enjoy the book reviews.  I hope that you will not make them available only on the web. 


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It seems to me a little odd to have books reviewed online only. For those of us who love books, magazines are a natural companion to books, a pleasant form of the printed word to curl up with in a comfy chair. Reading reviews of delicious books online (if I remembered to go do so) would definitely not have the same appeal to me.


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I come from the world of "hard copy" reading, too, and like to have my reading material in the form of actual pages, rather than on screen. The idea of putting book reviews online was one that came up when we realized that we were running out of space in the magazine to keep printing as many reviews as we had. This isn't something that's been decided, however.


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This seems pretty obvious to me... but I'm going to throw it out there anyway....

How about making the magazine a little bigger/longer/more pages?  You certainly won't get any complaint from us, the subscribers!!!  We would love to see more in every issue!

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Carol, I like the idea of having book reviews on the website (though I'd hate to see them left out of the magazine).  I use patternmaking software and have noticed using it  motivates me (and other users) to buy books on pattern drafting and also on sewing techniques. Buying books online is convenient, but to have a book review to look at first would be useful.

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But as far as I remember the book reviews were only a couple of pages per issue even when there was a regular book review column. Perhaps some other articles could be shortened to allow two pages of book review column?