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Authors of articles published in Threads

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Can you provide a listing for upcoming authors of articles to be published in Threads?  Can a subscriber make comment concerning an author prior to the author's article being published?

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Hi, Patt,

I can't give you a comprehensive list of upcoming authors--partly because the future line-up is always subject to change. But you're of course welcome to write to us or email us with any comments you have to offer.


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Dear Carol,

I just posted this question under General Discussion, but you could probably answer the question, so please forgive my redundancy.

Kayla Kennington was a guest on DIYs Sew Much More this week.  Did she write a Threads article on her jacket and vest designs in which she uses unique seaming techniques (such as joining seams with bartacks)?  If so, which issue?  If not, where can I find her designs for these garments?  Does she have a website?

Thank you in advance,

Marilyn in MD



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Hi, Marilyn,

Another person and I both posted answers to your questions. I recommend Kayla's patterns if you're interested in trying something new. Oh--what I didn't say is that she gives instructions for several seam-joining methods in all of her patterns, so what you saw her demo on TV will be outlined in the pattern itself.


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Thank you, Carol - Can't wait to see the other responses as well.  Marilyn in MD