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Altering fitted bed sheets - deeper matt

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Has anyone tried to alter a fitted bed sheet for one of those new deeper mattresses?  I have several sets that are still quite good, but when I put the fitted bottom on, the 1/2 of the mattress hangs out.  Also, the old bottom sheet has a tendency to creep.  Thanks!

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yes i had this problem with sheets that no longer fit especially the bottom sheet . i trimmed away the sides all around the bottom sheet and added a stretchey nylon type of fabric,cut the meassurement of the side of the mattress and a few inches to tuck under .i got this idea from a sealy set that was for a 18 inch thick mattress . the very large sets are pricey 400 $$.the sheets sides do not match onthe large sets all the time .

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Thanks, Carole.  I have a set of sheets I love and that sounds like a "doable" solution to the fat mattress problem.