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To add or not add to measurements provided to you for creating a garment

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I have joined an online site where various vendors sell dog clothes.  I for one, am self-taught in that 2 years ago I got a machine and started watching you tube videos.  I made a dress for a customer's dog according to the measurements she provided.  She contacted me and said the dress was too small.  When questioned about the measurements she had given me, she stated she had measured snugly believing that I would add some for wiggle room.  After I tell her that I will remake the dress, she adds insult to injury by stating she had consulted with another seamstress and that the seamstress told her she should always measure snug and that the seamstress should always add extra.  Is this correct?  Thank you for your responses.

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Adding Ease (post #38487, reply #1 of 1)

Go by the snug measurements and add ease when sewing for humans.  The body changes during the day and needs some flexibility. 

Somewhere on the Internet there is a chart for adding ease to the human garment. 

Can't say about pets, but they do breath, eat and play.  And those activities need some give in the garment.