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wide tablecloth

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I need to make a tablecloth for a 64" wide oval table. Will this be impossible to accomplish without a seam on the table?

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* depends on what kind of fabric you use for the tablecloth. For example, if you could find a bed sheet that you like, you wouldn't need a seam. Try the sale catalogs from Garnet Hill and Chambers--they have some GORgeous sheets, from prints to jacquards, matelasse, etc., and the price comes out to be very reasonable when you calculate how many yards of fabric are in a sheet. (I think I figured out at one time that there were 6 yds. of fabric in a king-size sheet.)

Of course, you can get really wide muslin, used for quilt backs, and wide tulle. There's also a company that sells extra-wide fabrics. I'm not sure whether they're still around, but here's the info I have in my rolodex: Homespun Fabrics & Draperies (PO Box 4315-SA46, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359; 805-381-0741; They have extra-wide 104"- to 120" all-cotton fabric for draperies and linings, x-wide polyester sheer, x-wide muslin. Also, Spartex (PO Box 1149, Roebuck, SC 29376; 803-585-7186; 800-222-9062) makes x-wide fabrics for quilts, windows, tablecloths. They don't do mail order, but will give you the name of the nearest retailer that sells their fabrics.

Oh--there's also Wilson Sales (9045 Highway 168 West
PO Box 425, Boaz, AL 35957; 205-593-0888; 800-678-5111), with quilting & home dec fabrics & supplies in small wholesale quantities at great prices; 100-in.-wide muslin, 90-in.-wide print quilt tops, batting, pillow forms, lace, drapery lining, etc.

Other than this--yes, you probably will need seams. But that's not such a problem, either.

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Thank you, Karen. This will get me started. As you say, seams might not be a bad idea if none of your suggestions has anything for me.

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Like anything else... if you do it right the seams can become decorative and make the cloth even better. Several years ago I made a cloth out of two beautiful Nancy Crow leaf prints in the same colorway but in different scales. It looked great. My workhorse cloth is seamed Ikea printed cotton. I think that as long as the seams fall below the tabletop it will look fine. If you are making a fancy linen cloth you may want to do a hand embroidery stitch to join the two elements together, or top the seam with matching or contrasting ribbon.