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Hi All,

I come from a land far away ( Breaktime ) I would like to introduce an old friend named Bev who makes quilts

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she is coming I promise

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Hello everyone. Nice to meet you. Novy introduced me. Bev (the quiltmaker)

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Hey Bud you did it !!!!

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Hi Bev, welcome. New faces are always welcome here.
Tell us about your quilting.

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Hello: I, too am new. I'm not quite sure how things work - but I would like to introduce myself. I love to sew and have worked for 2 sewing shops. One was a Singer shop and the other, more recent work experience, was for a Husqvarna dealer. I demo'd and sold machines and taught classes in both jobs.
Now I'm retired (if that means I'm not busy, than I'm not retired). I've finally gotten to join a quilting group.
If I can help with questions about sewing machines, I'd be glad to try.